Moo0 Perekam suara 1.49 (Gratis)
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Rekam Audio PC Apapun dengan 1-Klik

Moo0 Perekam suara adalah perekam suara yang sangat sederhana.

Sangat mudah digunakan, dan Anda dapat mulai merekam "Audio PC" / "Audio PC dan Suara" / "Hanya Suara" hanya dengan satu klik. Ini mendukung format file MP3 dan Wave untuk menyimpan file ke.

  - Sangat berguna untuk berlatih menyanyi. :)
  - Ingin kualitas rekaman suara yang lebih baik? - "Pengaturan" -> "Kualitas Perekaman MP3".
  - Perlu penjadwalan catatan? - "Pengaturan" -> "Panel Tampilkan (Mulai Timer / Akhiri Timer / Durasi Maks)".
  - Ingin tahu tentang Skins? - Anda dapat memeriksanya di sini.

Memperbarui (2019/06/29):     [ Perbarui Riwayat (47)
 - Increased its default interface drawing size by (1.25 x 1.25) times.
 - Newly added "Size" menu, so that it can support various sizes of monitors better.
 - If you preferred the previous interface size, please choose "Size" -> "Small".
 - Some bug fixes on the installer.

Memperbarui (2019/06/07):
 - Supported the latest build of Windows 10 (1903).
 - Supported the usage on 4K monitors.
 - Supported the usage on 8K monitors in partial.
 - To support these monitors, the installer was improved as well.
 - Some fixes on the translated texts.

Yunani (Revisi) dukungan bahasa dimungkinkan oleh di Terima kasih banyak !!

Memperbarui (2019/05/19):
 - Updated Mp3 encoding engine.
 - Equipped many counter-measures against "Sound Driver Errors". This will try to prevent the sudden errors, such that the recording speed suddenly goes wrong or so, because of their malfunctions. If this version still can't fix the problems, it usually can be fixed very easily only by re-installing the latest sound driver for your motherboard.
 - It now prevents the "skip" of the recorded audio when the PC is fully loaded or CPU ability is low. On the other hand, the graphical "graph display" of the recorded audio will be delayed from this version when the CPU is busy.
 - Some bug fixes on the installer.
 - Supported 6 more languages for the installer. (Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian, Vietnamese)
 - Supported 23 additional languages for the software, which are the followings.

 Brazilian Portuguese
 Serbian (Cyrillic)

Turki dukungan bahasa dimungkinkan oleh Adil KAHRAMAN. Terima kasih banyak !!

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Bahasa: Arab, Belarusia, Bahasa portugis brazil, Bulgaria, Bahasa Tiongkok yang disederhanakan), Cina (tradisional), Croatian, Ceko, Denmark, Belanda, Inggris, Estonian, Finnish, Perancis, Jerman, Yunani, Hebrew, Hindi, Hongaria, bahasa Indonesia, Italia, Jepang, Korea, Norwegian, Persia, Polandia, Portugis, Rumania, Rusia, Serbian (Cyrillic), Slovakia, Slovenian, Spanyol, Swedia, Thai, Turki, Ukraina, Vietnam, 2 other languages (partial) - [ Penerjemah (40) ]
Sistem Operasi:Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
Kemudahan penggunaan:Sangat mudah
Terakhir Diperbarui:2019/06/29   [ Perbarui Riwayat (47)
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Faq:■ (Symptom) Volume Adjustment?

You can adjust the recording volume from "Boost" menu.

■ (Symptom) The program suddenly doesn't start up one day? stopped working properly? on Windows 10/8.1?

This probably happens when "Windows SmartScreen" hinders our program from working. In this case, please try the following before the installation.

1. Before the installation, right-click on the installer file and open the file "Property".

2. At the bottom of "General" tab, if you see "Security: This file came from another computer...", select "Unblock" check box, and "Apply" and "OK".

3. If you install the program after it, it may be able to prevent many problems caused by "Windows SmartScreen" or some other security products.

Or, you can actually turn off this problematic feature of Windows itself: (only if you feel too troublesome to do this every single time.)

This happens to every software vendor who doesn't or can't donate $300 to Microsoft every single year (EV signature purchase), and especially when the program file is still new. This kind of problems started to get reported since the early of 2019.

■ (Symptom) Recording speed is wrong? or suddenly became wrong one day?, when recording "Any PC Sound" on Vista/7/8.1/10?

This happens because some sound drivers keep failing in reporting correct playback frequencies. You can usually and easily fix this issue by updating or reinstalling your sound driver. Or, you can also manually fix the recording speed through "Setting" -> "Recording Speed Adjustment" menu.

Otherwise, you may try the following.

Open "Sound Control Panel":

■ Windows 10:
■ Windows 7:

Inside "Playback" tab, right-click on the "Default Device" and open "Property".
Inside the "Advanced" tab, change the "Default Format" to "16 bit 48,000Hz" or "16 bit 44,100Hz".

After it, restart the software, or choose the same frequency from "Setting" -> "Recording Speed Adjustment" menu.

■ (Symptom) Not working on "RealTek High Definition Audio"?

It seems "Stereo Mixer Devices", which are often required to record any PC sounds, have often been hidden/disabled on this sound chips by default.

Some people successfully fixed this issue using the latest drivers. - It may not work for all the PCs though.

RealTek High Definition Audio Drivers

Some people say you should install the driver twice to make it work on Windows 7/8. Install it first, and then re-install it after rebooting the PC.

■ (Symptom) Only "Only Voice" option is available on Windows XP. / Some functions are not working.

We first recommend you to update your sound card driver (audio driver). In most cases, it can fix the problem.

Still not working? Then, it may be because your sound card is "Realtek HD Audio". If so, please read the next FAQ section. Otherwise, we may be able to fix it easily. Please generate an error report file through "About -> Generate Error Report File.." and send it to us. We'll see what we can do to fix the problem.

■ (Symptom) "Realtek HD Audio" Sound Card on Windows XP

This is tougher one to support. We are working on it.

Follow-Ups) In order for Windows XP to record PC sound, one of the following controls has to be found on the sound card:

"Stereo Mix", "Stereo Out", "Wave Out Mix", "Wave Out", "What U Hear", "WAVE 出力ミックス", "ステレオ ミキサー", "再生リダイレクト", "モノラル ミキサー", "Mono Mix"

However, on "Realtek HD Audio", these controls are disabled initially, and they can't be enabled easily by other programs.

This is why our program usually shows only "Only Voice" option on this card. Many people are suffering from this, and you may find some solutions from Google Search Results for "Realtek HD Audio Stereo Mix".

Follow-Ups) Some people successfully fixed this issue using the latest drivers. - It may not work for all the PCs though.

RealTek High Definition Audio Drivers

Some people say you should install the driver twice to make it work on Windows 7/8. Install it first, and then re-install it after rebooting the PC.

Japanese) 「Moo0 音声録音機」 - 開始/終了タイマーを設定してPC音やマイク音を録音できるソフト (フリーソフト100)

Easy Sound, Voice Recorder For Windows ( - Aug 01, 2011

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System Closer (Gratis) - Tangguhkan / Hibernasi XP dengan mudah | xp hibernate software, hibernate menjadi mudah, menangguhkan sistem dengan mudah, hibernasi windows xp, standby windows xp, sistem hibernate

Monitor Sistem (Gratis) - CPU / GPU / Suhu Disk. +40 lainnya | monitor sistem, monitor cpu, monitor sistem moo0, monitor sistem, monitor suhu sistem, aplikasi monitor sistem, perangkat lunak monitor sistem, perangkat lunak monitor pc, monitor sistem amd, monitor suhu cpu terbaik

XP Desktop Heap (Gratis) - Biarkan XP memegang lebih banyak Windows | memecahkan masalah ukuran tumpukan desktop pada Windows XP, meningkatkan ukuran tumpukan desktop pada Windows XP

Alat konversi video (Gratis) - avi,flv,mkv,mp4,mpg,wmv... (+sebagian besar format) | konverter video moo0, konverter video moo, konverter moo, konvert2mp4, konverter video, konverter video online gratis, video konvert2mp4, video portabel konverter, unduhan video convert2mp4, konverter video mooo

Pemotong Video (Gratis) - Pemotong Video "Lossless" Tercepat | pemotong video, pemotong video moo0, pemotong video online, pemotong video online, pemangkas video, pemotong video gratis, moo0, pemotong video moo, potong video online, pemotong video portabel

Video Info (Gratis) - Temukan Informasi Video dengan Mudah! | info video, informasi video, video info, video informasi, info file video, cek codec video, cek codec audio, cek bitrate video, dapatkan info video, info video

Ubah Ukuran Video (Gratis) - Kompres ukuran video, cara termudah | video resizer, video minimizer, moo0 video minimizer, software video resizer, gratis video resizer, resize video gratis, video resizer gratis, moo video minimizer, unduh video resizer, moo0 videominimizer

Video ke Mp3 (Gratis) - Ekstrak dan Simpan hanya Suara / Musik dari Video | videotoaudio, ekstrak suara dari video, konverter video ke audio, video moo0 ke audio, video ke suara, video moo, konverter video ke audio gratis, ekstrak audio dari mp4, perangkat lunak video ke audio, ekstrak musik dari video

FFmpeg (Gratis) - FFmpeg untuk Windows, Pengonversi Video Luar Biasa | ffmpeg windows build, ffmpeg untuk windows, konverter video untuk windows, unduhan ffmpeg, windows ffmpeg, konverter video gratis untuk windows, konverter video windows, apa itu ffmpeg, ffmpeg portable, ffmpeg windows gui

Apa IP Anda? - Periksa IP / Nama Host / Info Peramban Anda

Apa UP-nya? - Temukan Alamat IP dan Lokasinya

Whois (Info Pemilik Domain) - Periksa Siapa yang Memiliki Domain | Lookup Whois Information, Lookup yang memiliki situs / domain, Cari informasi pemilik situs web

Kompresor HTML - Perkecil Kode HTML Anda | html minimizer, html minify, kurangi ukuran html, optimalkan ukuran html, buat html lebih kecil, minimalkan halaman web, minimalkan halaman web, kurangi ukuran halaman web, optimalkan ukuran halaman web, optimalkan ukuran halaman web

Kompresor Javascript - Perkecil Kode Javascript Anda | minimizer javascript, javascript minify, kurangi ukuran javascript, optimalkan ukuran javascript, buat javascript lebih kecil

Kompresor CSS (Lembar Gaya) - Perkecil Kode CSS (Lembar Gaya) Anda | css minimizer, css minify, kurangi ukuran css, optimalkan css size, buat css lebih kecil, style-sheet minimizer, style-sheet minify, kurangi style-sheet size, optimalkan ukuran sheet-style, buat style-sheet lebih kecil

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